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General conditions regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the service provider (“Politika Newspapers and Magazines” doo Belgrade, Trg Politika no. 1) and service users on the occasion of the publication of obituaries, significance and statements of gratitude to the printed edition of the daily newspaper “Politika”.

Internet portal “www.citulje.politika.rs” allows users to submit obituaries significance and statements of gratitude, in order to inform the public through the printed edition of the daily newspaper Politika.

Any use of this site which contained general conditions also means acceptance of conditions in respect of mutual rights and obligations regarding the ordering of services in accordance with the general conditions. In terms of content portal “www.citulje.politika.rs” the same as the handiwork of the author is subject to protection of copyright and related rights in accordance with applicable regulations.

Any unauthorized use of the whole or part of the portal “www.citulje.politika.rs” contrary to these general conditions and applicable regulations is prohibited, in particular: unauthorized reproduction, copying, processing or distribution, in which case it is subject to legal prosecution.

The letter, which is used in obituaries, significance and statements of gratitude is only the Cyrillic (except when it is necessaryF to certain names and terms announce the Latin alphabet).

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